Радиочастотный ретранслятор ZZQ-8A усилитель сигналаЦена: 40 у.е

Радиочастотный ретранслятор ZZQ-8A усилитель сигнала

Радиочастотный ретранслятор ZZQ-8A усилитель сигнала представляет собой устройство, TX / RX, которое повторяет и передает радиочастотный сигнал.
Распознает сигналы со 100 кнопок.
Антенна: 12 × 12 × 80 мм

Заявленная дальность : свыше 4500 ft — 1370 метров.

Радиочастотный ретранслятор ZZQ-8A repiterTechnical details

Used to increase the coverage area of the staff calling system
Recommended for use in premises with a lot of artificial barriers (partitions), or if there are several floors in the building
Repeater is a TX/RX device repeating the RF signal. The RF signal should be:
1) Same frequency to the repeater.
2) Oscillating resistor should be matched with repeater.
This repeater supports PT2262/1.2M, PT2262/2.2M, PT2262/3.3M, PT2262/4.7M, PT2240/1.5M (IC/OSC), and it has learning function, up to learn 100 pcs transmitters. So it can repeater the one learned, to avoid others transmitters.

Technical details
Colour: Black
Housing: Impact-resistant plastic housing. splash proof
Operating frequency: 433.92 Mhz
Signal receiving radius: up to 200 meters in an open space
Operating voltage: <255mA
Standby current: 30mA
Sensitivity: -108dBm
Operating temperature: -10 — +40 ° C
Installation: hanging on the wall
Weight: 160g (include power adapter)
Dimensions: 100 х 70 х 20 mm
Extent of delivery: packaging, charger
Manufacturer warranty: 2 years
Certificates: CE, TUV GS

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